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Seed & Greet – that’s the name of „Bäcker Schüren‘s“ new café-bistro-bakery in the motorway junction Hilden industrial estate, with Tesla Supercharger, Fastned fast charging station and NIO Power Swap Station. Enjoy our breakfast offer, pizza specialities, Ofinis, savoury tarts and organic coffee and tea specialities – all available to take away, of course! You can also enjoy sandwiches, bread and cakes from „Bäcker Schüren“ and a large selection of cream cakes from „Bäckerei Naber“.


From now on, you can have your car washed inside and / or outside during the charging process at Seed & Greet on selected days – without a drop of water and individually by hand. This is made possible by our co-operation partner Carfully from Düsseldorf.

The cleaning service can be booked via the website Simply select the location and the desired time. Depending on capacity utilisation, appointments can also be made at short notice.

Happy charging!


The competition has been decided: Seed & Greet is the third best charging park in the world!

Over the past few months, an international jury of experts initially selected ten finalists. After that, company representatives from all over the world were able to vote online for the best EV hub. The result was finally announced on 9 May 2024:

1st place: DCC, Certas Energy, Mandal, Norway – 16 DC fast / 20 AC normal charging stations
1st place: Circle K’s, Vädermotet, Sweden – 12 DC fast charging stations
1st place: Seed & Greet, Hilden, Germany – 62 DC fast / 45 AC normal charging points

We are the only charging park in the top three that is not backed by an international group and is exclusively an electric charging park. We are very proud of this and see it as an incentive for our future development.


The bakery and Café concept of the most frequented fast-charging park for electric cars in Europe is opening its first branch on Carlsplatz in Düsseldorf!

On Thursday, 18 April, the time has come: the Bäcker Schüren stand on Carlsplatz in Düsseldorf’s old town will be expanded to include our café-bistro concept from the charging park – we are opening a Seed & Greet branch. The Seed & Greet café-bistro, which is known throughout Germany, has so far only existed as a traffic catering concept at the Hilden motorway junction. We are delighted to be transferring it to an urban area for the first time – Düsseldorf’s old town! Welcome to spelt pizza, salad bowls and really good coffee.

Address: Carlsplatz, 40213 Düsseldorf

Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 8:00 – 18:00; Sat: 8:00 – 16:00



Our pizza speciality made from organic spelt and organic wholemeal rye flour with aromatic vine tomato sauce, selected, spicy cheeses as a base, rocket and a dollop of homemade 7-herb pesto

Prices on weekdays / Sundays

  • Pizza Margarete 8,50€ / 9,50€ 
    with cherry tomatoes
  • Pizza Lena 11,00€ / 12,00€
    with air-dried salami, jalapeños, green olives & rosemary
  • Pizza Paula 11,50€/ 12,50€
    with fresh figs, gorgonzola & cooked ham
  • Pizza Sophia 11,00€ / 12,00€
    with peppers, courgettes, spinach, cherry tomatoes & black olives
  • Pizza Maria 11,00€ / 12,00€
    with chorizo, black olives & tomatoes
  • Pizza Lotte 10,50€ / 11,50€
    with caramelised onions, spinach, olives & pine nuts

Salad Bowls
Each with Lollo Rosso and Lollo Bionda and lots of fresh ingredients

Prices on weekdays / Sundays

  • Seed Bowl  11,75€ / 12,75€
    With sweet potato, bulgur, onions, shepherd’s cheese, cucumber, peppers, cocktail tomatoes, mint, carrots, courgettes, croutons, sesame – ginger dressing
  • Greet Bowl 12,50€ / 13,25€
    With sweet potato, lentils, edamame, figs, tomatoes, smoked tofu in a sesame – maple syrup crust, black olives, cheese flakes, croutons, mango – mint dressing
  • Garden Bowl  12,00€ / 13,00€
    With sweet potato, lentil salad, grapes, pomegranate seeds, goat’s cheese, peppers, courgette, croutons, mango-mint dressing
  • Pure Green Bowl 6,75€ / 7,75€
    With lollo rosso and lollo bionda, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, roasted pumpkin seeds, sour cream dressing


Breakfast all day long? You can enjoy our delicious breakfast menus all day long. Whether in a beach chair or on the sun terrace – the perfect start to the day

Prices on weekdays / Sundays

  • Morgengruß 3,70€ / 4,70€
    1 Siegerbrötchen, butter + 2 toppings of your choice (Gouda, Brie, salami, turkey breast, meat sausage, jam, honey, curd)
  • Backstuben-Frühstück 9,70€ / 10,70€
    1 Siegerbrötchen, 1 Körner-Schlingel, butter, jam, curd, cooked ham, Gouda cheese, salami, 1 boiled organic egg
  • Vollwert-Frühstück 7,95€ / 8,95€ 
  • 1 Kernbrötchen, 1 Müslistange, butter, honey, curd, Gouda, Brie
  • Französisches Frühstück 6,40€ / 7,40€
    1 croissant á l’Eu, 1 Schlawiner, butter, jam, honey, brie
  • Sonntagsfrühstück 15,75€ / 16,75€
    1 portion of scrambled eggs,1 Schlawiner, 1 Körner-Schlingel, 1 croissant á l’Eu, butter, curd, jam, salmon with creamy horseradish, cooked ham, brie

Tartes (available Mondays to Saturdays)

  • Leek tart 6,00€
    with smoked pork
  • Courgette – salmon tart 6,50€ 
    with shepherd’s cheese and finely diced salmon
  • Spinach – gorgonzola tart 6,50€ 
    with pine nuts


Deliciously sandwiches with selected ingredients, also warm on request

Prices on weekdays / Sundays

  • Boulette-Ofini 5,20€ / 5,45€
    Schlawiner with chicken meatball, coleslaw & spicy BBQ sauce
  • Schlawiner-Ofini Calabrese 4,65€ / 4,85€ 
    with tomatoes, mozzarella, spicy tomato cream & rocket salad
  • Kernbrötchen-Ofini 5,35€ / 5,55
    with brie, tomatoes & nut pesto
  • Vinschli-Ofini Alto adige 5,55€ (not available on Sundays)
    with bacon, strong mountain cheese & gherkin

Opening hours of the café
Mon – Sat: 06:30 – 20:00 
Su:               08:00 – 20:00 




Please visit the online shop of Bäcker Schüren if you live further away and would like to enjoy our baked goods at home.



Charging facilities for electric vehicles (open 24/7)

  • 40 Supercharger from Tesla (32 V3 + 8 V2 with up to 250kW)
  • 22 charging points from Fastned (CCS and CHAdeMO up to 300 kW)
  • 40 AC charging points with 7 or 22 kW – AC charging costs 35 ct at the 7 kW charging points and 39 ct at the 22 kW charging points
  • 4 Protective contact sockets for Twizy & Co.
  • Charging station for Tesla Roadster (model years 2008 – 2012)

The AC charging points can be operated with Giro-e ( and GLS Mobility’s Pay-Terminal.

There is an initial fee of 49ct for Pay-T.

For the 22 kW charging points, there is a standing charge of €1.20 per hour from the 5th hour.

In addition to the charging offer of the charging park, our partner Nio offers a power swap station for Nio vehicles.

(Please note the opening hours of Nio)

Loyalty is rewarded! Harvest delicious rewards with the Seed & Greet „Erntekarte“


But how exactly does it work?

Ask the sales staff in the shop about the „Erntekarte“ before your next purchase. You can then purchase it for EUR 1.50 and receive 150 points starting credit as a thank you gift. With this starting credit, you could soon get a delicious croissant au chocolat, for example. Or you can continue to collect points and at a later date get a super-sharp Solingen bread knife, a free AC charge or a high-quality olive oil from Jordan.

Thanks to the regularly changing list of rewards, collecting points never gets boring.

The best is saved for last: no registration is necessary for the „Erntekarte“. We simply write your name on the card and only your purchase with us is saved. With the „Erntekarte“, nobody is a transparent customer or advertising medium.

Important for your purchase:

As the „Erntekarte“ is anonymous, no points can be added to it. It is therefore important that you hand the harvest card to the sales staff before your purchases are entered into the till.

We wish you a really good harvest!


A very special building is being built step by step in several construction phases on the Nordpark road, which combines the three most climate-relevant sectors in an extremely sustainable way: Food production, energy generation and mobility. Experts call this sector coupling. Of course, energy production is renewable energy and mobility is electric mobility. When food production through baking is added to this, you begin to realise who is behind this Hilden lighthouse project. Together with selected investors, master baker Roland Schüren is constructing a five-storey building on the 12,000 square metre commercial site.

Beneath huge photovoltaic systems and two small wind turbines, not only a large café-bistro-bakery is being built, but also a speciality bakery, offices and a vertical farm over four floors. This will be used to grow lettuce and berries, for example, which will be processed directly on site into small dishes and fresh cakes.

Seed & Greet

So this is not just about food production through baking, but also about food production through sowing, growing and harvesting. Seed! And what about Greet? What about mobility? – All guests, regardless of how they arrive, and electric car drivers are welcomed by Seed & Greet’s own normal charging stations and by two very powerful fast-charging networks that offer their services throughout Europe: Tesla and Fastned.

The Americans and the Dutch are each building their largest and currently fastest charging stations in the European Union under Seed & Greet’s photovoltaic roofs. Together with all tenants in the building, Tesla and Fastned are utilising the electricity generated on site as intensively as possible, supplemented with stored electricity (2 MW) and green electricity from the grid. This is sector coupling in practice, which is supplemented within the five-storey bakery and office building, for example, with heat recovery, rainwater and secondary use of service water.

Seed & Greet Bistro
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